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About The Trip

About the trip

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Yaldei Ohr provides a transformative one month in Israel for teenage boys (ages 16-18) from North America and beyond. Through this newly created immersion program, participants will reside on the Zoharim campus of Migdal Ohr and spend meaningful, quality time with at-risk Israeli teenage boys who live and go to school at this campus close to Jerusalem.

In addition to assisting the kids in their daily activities, the program also offers an extensive educational track (Torah-learning), and an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of outdoor sports including basketball, soccer, and football. Participants are absorbed into the very fiber of Israeli society with a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the culture, language, and lifework of one of Israel’s foremost non-profit organizations for children who have been marginalized.

Participants strengthen their connection to Israel by seeing it through the eyes of the at-risk Israeli teens at Migdal Ohr. New friendships will be forged and fond memories created, that will last a lifetime.

Yaldei Ohr combines group study (Torah), leadership building, sports, and carpentry (Avodah), hands-on community service (G’milut Chassadim), and the opportunity to participate in a multitude of activities on both the Migdal Ohr campus in Northern Israel (located midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa) and on the Zoharim Campus closer to Jerusalem. After this one month intensive program, participants will come away with a better appreciation for chessed (volunteerism) and a deeper connection to the Jewish Homeland and its people.

Through this program, we hope to inspire young individuals to further develop their Torah values, intellect, and character to grow into socially responsible future leaders of the Jewish communities throughout North America.